Thrilled Activist Speaks Out

Santa Cruz Redwoods (The Californian)

“I felt a place of safety, belonging, and acceptance in an environment with those who have learned the value and the art of truly setting their own thoughts aside. They clearly listen to the hearts of others and the heart of God for themselves and others.

“It is a place of feeling known and loved, by God and others, right where you are. It’s the encouragement to believe for things bigger than yourself.

“It’s a strong desire to bring others to experience this healing for themselves without coercion or pressure. Safety is the word.”

November 16th is our next LDR (Listening Day in the Redwoods)!

Please join us! Mina, Kristina, Eva, Julie, Colleen, John D., John P., and more!

Here’s how—Click Here for a free Eventbrite overview and optional ticket. No obligation. No money ever required. John Parker will send you a Welcome Video when you activate your easy registration.

P.S. “This is my fifth or sixth Listening Day in the Redwoods and I’ve never been disappointed. It’s always so energizing!” — John Parker